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(第一部分 听力)


1.Listen and choose the right picture (根据你听到的内容,选出相应的图片)

A. B. C. D. E. F. G.

1. ________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________



A. Because the soup is delicious.

B.Because the soup is cheap.

C.Because the soup is hot. D.Because the soup smells nice.


A.She is going to work.

B.She is going to school.

C. She is going to the hospital.

D.She is going to the supermarket.


A.Children do too many educational activities after school.

B.Children should take a break and exercise their imagination.

C.Children grow up faster than their parents did.

D.Children should believe in fairies.


A.Because he doesn't have coffeebefore lunch.

B.Because he doesn't feel like tea.

C.Because he prefers tea.

D.Because he prefers both tea andcoffee.


A.She went to the tea house.

B.She watched a game.

C.She acted in a play.

D.She saw a play.


7.Jeff and Alison’s dream was to sail(帆船航行) around the world.

8.Jeff and Alison left their jobs and began their sailing journey in1998

9.Their three children joined the sailing journey around the world.

10.They didn’t expect to see so many friends and journalists when theyreturned to Britain yesterday.

11.This story is mainly about how the three children helped theirparents sail across the Pacific.


Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks (听对话, 完成下列句子。每限填一词)

12.Jack takes writing ________ ________ than anything else.

13.Jack and his assistant ________ ________ at about 8o’ clock everyday.

14.It usually takes Jack about ________ ________ to write a story.

15.Jack does other things like writing ________ ________ forperformance in the theatre.

16.Jack feels ________ ________ his works when he has finished.

Part 2 Grammar and Vocabulary

(第二部分 语法和词汇)


17.Pansy wrote ________ article on detectives for the school newspaper.

A.a B.an C.the D./

18.The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics opening ceremony will be held________ Feb. 4th.

A.on B.to C.in D.at

19.In her letter, Auntie Sue told us many _________ about her visit toBritain.

A.news B.stories

C.information D.truth

20.Everyone is special. There’s no need to compare yourself to ________else.

A.everybody B.somebody

C.anybody D.nobody

21.At the graduation ceremony, Joe introduced Mrs. Li as ________professor he had ever met.

A.a patient B.the more patient

C.a most patient D.the most patient

22.Not only my parents but also I ________ too busy to ________ aholiday last year.

A.was, afford B.were, offer C.was, offer D.were, afford

23.________ a seat, Michael! The meeting will begin in a minute.

A.To take B.Take C.Took D.Taking

24.You can never get a straightanswer out of him. Which of thefollowing is correct for the underlined word in the sentence?

A./stret/ B./streit/

C./strait/ D./streət/

25.Many people don’t want to delete electronic materials ________ theyare no longer valuable.

A.because B.if

C.while D.although

26.It is said that there are more than ________ languages spoken inNigeria.

A.hundreds of B.two hundreds of

C.two hundred D.two hundred of

27.A customer complained to the manager that the staff listened to her________.

A.patiently B.patient C.impatiently D.impatient

28.Students ________ be aware of how learning habits will influencetheir learning outcomes.

A.must B.should C.can D.may

29.Jane likes dancing very much and has been in the dance club ________two years.

A.after B.for C.since D.during

30.Simon ________ the piano for ages when he gave his first concert.

A.has played


C.had played

D.was playing

31.Great progress ________ in studying the new medicine for AIDSrecently.

A.will be made

B.is made

C.has been made

D.was made


Complete the following passage with thewords or phrases in the box. Each can be used only once.(将下列单词或词组填入空格。每空格限填一词,每词只能填一次。)

Atrip to the mini world

A.examining B.shoe C.ordinary D.forest E. imagining

You wake up onemorning and find yourself in a world of very big things. Your bed is as big asa playground. Your ____32____looks just like a ship. But everything isin fact in normal(正常的)size.They look so big because you have shrunk(缩小)to the size of a pea! Unbelievable right? But Japanese artistTatsuya Tanaka loves ____33____a world just like this.Tatsuya’s artshows the lives of tiny people in a big world. On his website, the artistwrites, “Broccoli (西兰花) may sometimes look like a ____34____. Leaves in the waterare like little boats.” He looks at these ____35____things through his“mini eye.”

A.create B.welcome C.enjoyed D.practised E. mind

When he does this, funideas come into his ____36____. He then uses all kinds of differentthings in his daily life, from potato chips to glasses, to ____37____his interesting scenes.Tatsuya shares this way of thinking with lots of peopleon his website. Since 2011, he has been posting a photo of a new mini lifecreation every day. Tens of millions of people have ____38____viewinghis tiny pieces of art.

Are you interested inTatsuya’s mini world? Or maybe you’re just tired of this normal-sized world.Either way, you’re ____39____to have fun in the land of little people!


Completethe sentences with the given words in their proper forms. (用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子, 每空格限填一词)

40.On the _____________day, the sick boy came back to life.(four)

41.Make sure that you can spell every English word_____________.(accurate)

42.All the____________ in Rio de Janeiro celebrated the coming OlympicGames.(city)

43.Although the old man lost his way in the park, he managed to go homeby_____________.(he)

44.The _________of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, made his fansvery sad.(die)

45.The article tells us that sometimes money doesn’t bring_________________to us. (happy)

46.It’s_____________ for Jack to climb such a high mountain. He decidedto give it up.(possible)

47.Travelling _____________me to see the world in different angles.(able)


Rewritethe following sentences as required (根据所给要求完成句子。每空格限填一词)

48.We had finished the survey by ten last night.(改为否定句)

We ________ _________ the survey by ten last night.

49.I was washing the clotheswhile my sister was cleaning herbedroom. (对划线部分提问)

________ _________ you doing while your sister was cleaning the bedroom?

50.Most teenagers prefer staying at home to going out with theirparents. (改为反意疑问句)

Most teenagers prefer staying at hometo going out with their parents, _________ ________?

51.She was reviewing her lesson in her bedroom from seven to nineyesterday. (保持句意基本不变)

She was _______ _____ her lesson in her bedroom from seven to nine yesterday.

52.The astronauts took moon rocks back to the Earth for furtherresearch. (改为被动语态)

Moon rocks _______ _______ back to the Earth for further research by the astronauts.

53.He asked the class teacher. When will we go for a spring outing?(两句并一句)

He asked the class teacher _______they _____ go for a spring outing.

54.old, know, waiting, enough, you, the importance of , are, to (连词成句)


Part3 Reading and Writing

(第三部分 读和写)


Welcome to SunshineHotel, New York! We have all kinds offacilitiesto make your stay comfortable. We also offer breakfast for some types of rooms.If you want to explore around the hotel, there are many interesting placesnearby. Here is more information about our hotel.

Roomtypes Prices Breakfast

One single bed $35 No

One double bed $50 Yes

Two single beds $69 Yes

Two double beds $95 Yes


★ Elevator

★ Gym

★ Parking lot

★ Meeting rooms

★ Spa rooms

★ Snack Bars

★ Restaurant

★ Swimming-pool


★ Free WiFi

★ Towels

★ Bathrobes

★ TV

★ Air conditioner

★ Free newspapers

★ Tea maker

★ Phone

★ Free Bottled Water

Nearbyplaces to go

Statueof Liberty(自由女神像)

★ Museum of Art

★ Central Park

★ Brooklyn Bridge

★ Shopping Malls

★ Supermarkets

★ Theaters

Notes:Breakfast is offered each morning between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m.Parking lot costs $1 every hour and $10 every day. You can bring pets into yourroom but you need to pay $50 more every day.

55.According to the passage, it costs _______ to stay in a room withtwo single beds for one night.

A.$35 B.$50 C.$69 D.$95

56.If you stay in Sunshine Hotel, you can find _______.

A.spa rooms

B.coffee bars

C.public computers

D.private beaches

57.You can find _______ in the rooms of Sunshine Hotel.



C.coffee makers


58.You can visit interesting places nearby EXCEPT_______.

A.Statue of Liberty

B.Sea World

C.Museum of Art

D.Central Park

59.The underlined word “facilities” in the first paragraph means_______.

A.clothes and furniture B.suitcases and other bags

C.buildings and equipment D.technology and entertainment

60.The main purpose of this material is to _______.

A. introduce the hotel B.explore New York

C.provide special price D.offer room service


Learning howto read English books is about more than just reading the words!

There are a few thingsyou can do before, during and after reading to help you ____61____understandthe text.

Before you read,browse(浏览) the text.That means you should look over the text quickly without ____62____reading every word.

Take some time afteryou read to browse again and summarize(概括) what you remember. Try to quickly say or write a few sentencesthat ____63____what the text was about.

Thinking about whatyou read will show you how much of it you really understood, and help youfigure out if you still have questions.


Beforeyou read, here are a few ____64____youcan ask yourself as you browse, to help you prepare for reading:

●Are there any words in boldor italics?

●Are there titles or subtitles?

●What are some of the names mentioned?

●Is there a lot of dialogue?

●Are the paragraphs short or long?

Afteryou read, the questions below can be used tohelp you ____65____what you did and did not understand:

●What was the text about?

●What are the most important thingsthat happened in the text?

●Did anything ____66____you?

●Did anything surprise you?

●Are there any parts you didn’tunderstand?

You might have somemore questions depending on what kind of text you were reading, but these aregood basic ones to start with.






















A.talk about

B.worry about

C.complain about

D.think about







Read the passage and fill in the blankswith proper words (在短文的空格内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给)

While there has beenno female president in America, Finland elected its third female primeminister(总理) last year.Even more impressive, 34-year-old Sanna Marin, who was sworn into office (宣誓就职) on December 10, 2019, is theyoungest prime minister in Finland’s h____67____and the youngest leaderof a government in the world.

Ms. Marin was born in1985, in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. Born and raised in a low-incomehousehold, she is the o____68____person in her family to graduate fromboth high school and university.

Her political careerbegan in 2013 as the City Council head of Tampere. She currently lives with herpartner and their two-year-old daughter there. The young leader’s ability tofearlessly deal with difficult issues made her extremely p____69____withthe public. Ms. Marin has been a member of Finland’s Parliament (议会) since 2015. Before the election,she s____70____as the Minister of Transport and Communications.

The a____71____of the new leader may actually be more important than her sex, at least inFinland, since the country has had long and strong female representation(代表) in government. Finland electedits first female president, Tarja Halonen, in 2000. The first female primeminister, Anneli, followed in 2003.

But about her win, thenewly-elected Marin said, “I have not actually ever thought about how y____72____I am or the fact that I am a woman. ” The woman leader is expected to focus herefforts on climate change, equality and social welfare. In an online postfollowing her election, Ms. Marin said, “Finland will become b____73____.That’s what we’re working on. I want to build a society where every child cando anything they set their mind to, and every person can live and grow indignity (尊严).”


Rowley’s birthday partyis tomorrow, so Mom took me to the mall to get him a gift. I picked out a coolvideo game that just came out, and I handed it to Mom so she could pay for it.But Mom said I had to buy it with my own money. I told Mom that first of all,if I did have any money, I wouldn’t be wasting it on Rowley.

Mom didn’t seem toohappy with what I said, but it isn’t my fault I’m broke. I actually had a jobthis summer, but the people I worked for stiffed(诈骗), so I didn’t earn asingle penny.

A good chance camethat we have these neighbors named the Fullers who live a few doors up, andthey go away on vacation every summer. They usually leave their dog, Princess,but this year, they told me they’d pay me five bucks a day to feed Princess andtake her out. I figured I’d earn enough to buy a while pile of video games withthat kind of money.

But I guess Princessis gun-shy about going to the bathroom in front of strangers, so I ended upspending a lot of time standing around in the hot sun waiting for this dumb dogto hurry up and go. I’d wait and wait and nothing would happen, and then I’djust take Princess back inside.

But every time I’dleave Princess would make a big mess in the foyer(门厅), and I’d have toclean it up the next day. Toward the end of the summer I got smart and realizedit would be a lot easier to just clean up all of Princess’s messes at onceinstead of doing it every single day. So I fed her and let her do her businesson the foyer floor about two weeks.

Then the day beforethe Fuller were due back, I headed up the hill with all my cleaning supplies.

But guess what? Thefullers cut their trip short and got home a day early! I guess they didn’t knowit’s polite to call ahead and let people know when you plans have changed.

74.Why did the writer ask Mom to pay for the video game he picked out?


75.What was the writer’s job for the Fullers?


76.What did the writer fail to do with Princess?


77.The writer didn’t clean up the mess Princess had made at once, didhe?


78.How long did the Fullers plan to spend on holiday?


79.What do you think would happen after that? Why do you think so?



80.Write at least 60 words about thetopic “A problem I have solved”(以“我解决的一个难题”为主题,写一篇不少于60个词的短文,标点符号不占格)


Question for reference(以下问题仅供参考)

1. What was the problem?

2. How did you solve it? Did you askfor help or work it out on your own?

3. What did you learn from theexperience?








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